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“Zukunftstraeger” Initiative

Project Summary

J.P.Morgan, John Deere, PHINEO/United Way Germany and other great partners launched the “Collective Impact Funding Initiative Zukunftstraeger” in 2018 to fund the most promising approaches to improve apprenticeship transition and completion for disadvantaged youths in Germany. The initiative establishes new and sustainable multisectoral networks that join forces in order to help young people to find their place in life and become an active member of society.


Collective Impact means having several cross-sectoral players assume joint responsibility, develop a shared vision and goals to achieve impact in a complex environment. To establish sustainable collective impact collaboratives that support young people on their way from school into working life.

Target Group

“Zukunftstraeger” reaches out to underprivileged youth struggling on their way from school to work.


“Zukunftstraeger” is coordinated by PHINEO’s office in Berlin and is being implemented in the cities of Leipzig, Munich, and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.


Skill Training, mentoring and job placement support for underprivileged youth
Initiating and supporting collective impact collaboratives through capacity building and funding
Knowledge dissemination through online courses, webinars, publications, and workshops

Project Timeline

Launch of "Zukunftstraeger"
Kickoff meeting with regional partners in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region
Kickoff meeting of the local collective impact collaborative in Leipzig
Opening of startstark’s youth club and learning lab “GATE 6” in Munich
Start of the MentoRing program with John Deere, BASF and other partners
Foundation and joint target development of regional alliances
Joint cooperation reaches a total of 52 partners in all 3 regions
Over 3000 young people participate in activities and experience first positive impact
Results of last 3 years are presented by partners in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region
Young people are more self-confident and succeed more often in making a successful transition from school to work
Stakeholder experience benefits from the sustained exchange and cooperation of Zukunftsträger

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