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WE AID Initiative

Project Summary

In 2022, PHINEO/ United Way Germany developed and launched the nonprofit organization WE AID as an initiative for handling short-term crises and emergency aid for victims of war and disasters.
The initiative offers a professional non-profit structure on a temporary basis to private initiatives and individuals, enabling them to implement their non-profit projects within a few days.
In collaboration with various partners, we can cover very real needs for civil society engagement and fully scoop that vast potential in private charitable commitment


We facilitate the implementation of individual visions of aid (national and international) and foster private charitable commitment in Germany overall.

Target Group

We provide private individuals and donors, companies and other civic actors with a non-profit structure to help realize their take on emergency aid.


WE AID´s efforts are situated reliant on the present crisis/ proposed project. Currently, the projects are realized in Germany, Ukraine, Afghanistan.


WE AID enables private initiatives and individuals to implement their personal charitable commitment within a few days. Thereby, WE AID contributes to the independent realization of civic activities and to the strengthening of social commitment.



€150,000 distributed to 11 NPOs
providing relief and supoprt to Ukrainians
on behald of the DSEE
6,000 food parcels delivered
to the families of wounded or deceased
railway workers in Ukraine
60,000 Ukrainians reached
fleeing the war
with the support of 14 initaitives
15 generators and 4 power islands provided
reaching 7,000 people
until December 2022

Testimonials on the Project

“Through WE AID gGmbH, we can put our commitment on track immediately and concentrate on our core competence”

“We do not yet know how long our initiative will be needed. We want to act quickly and help efficiently, which is possible through WE AID and PHINEO”

Project Timeline

April 2022
WE AID is founded as a response to the great volume of Ukrainians fleeing the war to Germany
April 2022
Every Bed Helps joins WE AID
April 2022
Ukraine Refugee Support joins WE AID
April 2022
As the first association ALLRAILs Global Ukraine Rail Task Force joins WE AID relieving railworkers and securing critical infrastructure
May 2022
United For Ukraine joins WE AID
May 2022
Berlin Odessa Express joins WE AID
June 2022
Helfende Hände Lübeck joins WE AID
August 2022
Afghan Activists in Exile joins WE AID
September 2022
WE AID becomes central grants agent for DSEE enabling the realization of 11 aid projects in Germany
November 2022
WE AID joins Transparency Internationals “Initiative Transparent Civil Society”
November 2022
Honey For Peace joins WE AID
December 2022
Bake For Ukraine joins WE AID
December 2022
UA2P joins WE AID
December 2022
Team4UA joins WE AID
December 2022
Helpchain joins WE AID
January 2023
Three initiatives cross the €100k mark in donations acquired
January 2023
Impact Force joins WE AID
January 2023
Freedom Convoy joins WE AID
January 2023
UA2P – Ukraine to Power delivers power islands to a hospital and three kindergartens in Ukraine
February 2023
Charity Vernissage
February 2023
WE AID joins Café Kyiv: "One year in: Is Germany still willing to aid?"
March 2023
Podiya joins WE AID

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