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Joining Forces

Project Summary

One of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis is that strong social ties are crucial for physical and mental well-being. The adoption and use of technology have increased dramatically in the last two years, and the desire to communicate digitally will not disappear after COVID. In cooperation with our implementation partner Urban Souls e.V., we have designed a project which promotes strong social ties by fostering social connectivity and bringing together underrepresented groups such as the elderly and individuals with a refugee/migration background through technology. This project is funded by the Internet Society Foundation, in partnership with TechSoup.


The Internet Society Foundation exists to support the positive difference the internet can make to people everywhere. It promotes the development of the internet as a global technical infrastructrure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.


We connect vulnerable groups through technology.

Target Group

We reach out to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and individuals with a refugee or migration background.


The “Joining Forces” pilot project is currently being implemented in Leipzig, Germany.

Non-Profit Partners
Urban Souls e.V.

Project Timeline

October 2022
Kick-off of cooperation with Urban Souls e.V. on "Joining Forces"
December 2022
Launch of "Joining Forces" in Leipzig
January 2023
Event: At 90 in front of the camera - film afternoon
January 2023
Introduction of mobilephone, PC, and tablet support service
January 2023
Launch of "Zoomzoomzoom" - A digital space linking tandempartners for individual exchange
February 2023
Event: Fit for News - Lecture & Workshop on Fake News and Online Security
March 2023
Guest lecture: German Chamber of Commerce

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